Aerial Content Creation and Asset Management Services
Aerial Content Creation and Asset Management Services


FAA Pt. 107 Certified Drone Pilots with 50+ hours flight time and nearly 350 missions!
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  • FAA Certified Drone Pilots
  • IACRA Member
  • 50+ hours flight time
  • 340+ flights
  • Safety Verified through AirData
  • Photo Video Professionals over 25 years


We began our careers as analog media creators, shooting and editing to 3/4″ tape at medium-market TV stations. We made the transition along with technology to the digital age of production and to major-market stations along the way.

During the last 3 decades, we have shot, edited, produced 1000’s of commercials, promotions, image campaigns, topicals, series pieces, interviews, news packages, long-form videos, short films, TV shows and pilots, animations and web graphics.

Naturally, we expanded and grew our knowledge AND technological bases to include aerial imaging and data collecttion, and FAA Pt. 107 Certification.

Over the past 4 years, we have flown over 340 flights, garnering 50+ hours of flight time and unlocked and gained FAA authorization to fly some of the tightest airspace in the country, capturing content for TV shows, films, sports events, corporate, government and private clients.

We are dedicated to our craft. We are dedicated to provide the best quality content. We are dedicated to your project.

But, mostly… we are dedicated to safety, as verified by

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